Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1141 Kingston -- THE FRONT RUNNER

Click here for link to listing, this house was listed on 10-8, went under contract 10-22 but the buyers pulled out during inspection phase without saying why but Rich said the only thing in the inspection was a broken water spigot outside (Rich knows the selling agent). The listing was just put active again 11-10 but it wasn't entered as a new listing so not many people probably know about it, it does not have any offers on it as of today. The previous owner had the house for 13 years and just handed the keys over to the bank.

Dell's comments: hardwood in very good condition under carpet, covered patio in back, swamp cooler with vents in attic (vents made Rich happy), small upstairs bath, possibly asbestos around pipes in basement but appeared in good condition, good entertaining space in basement.

Kitchen looks pretty 70's except for nice tile on wall, no appliances in kitchen, needs updating at some point but very livable

Small bathroom

In the basement there is a living room with wet bar (small fridge included), laundry room with a dryer, half bath & bedroom that would need egress window to be conforming, very nice cedar closet

NEED TO ACT ON THIS ONE QUICKLY, LIKE ASAP TOMORROW!!!! Rich was very excited about this one...

11775 East 7th Ave

Click here for link to listing

Dell's comments: Sun porch in back off master bedroom, nice hardwood floors

Very nice front door

Very little counter space, fridge, stove & washer included

Laundry in kitchen but no dryer or dryer vent

Front room as seen from the kitchen

There are 2 storage sheds in the back yard, both look to be in very good condition
Previous sale was in June 06 for $142,000
was under contract for $75,000 in July 08 but apparently fell through, was then off the market from Aug 19 until Oct 22 when listed for current price. Just a guess but maybe a short sale that fell through then a foreclosure??

1364 Elmira

Click here for link to listing and picture of front of house

Dell's comments: nice hardwood, good add-on, nice back yard

Front room you enter into from outside

Skylight room had laundry area in it

Kitchen looks ok, it's a very narrow alley kitchen, has stove but no other appliances

This house was previously listed for $175,000 in March 05 but was withdrawn in May 05, no further activity noted.

1973 Lima --The BLUE House

As you will see this house was VERY BLUE :0) New listing today, not on recolorado yet. We don't have any previous sale info.

Dell's comments: decent shape, new electric panel, hard wood flooring under carpet, small kitchen

This shows the "converted detached garage to apartment" that was not done legally. It's bascially 1 room and that's it, probably good for storage and that's about it.

Kitchen is orgional to the house needs updating, no appliances

Bathroom small but OK shower tile might need a little help